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Design and implement false positive reporting page
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User stories

  • As a new user who has been reverted by Automoderator, I want to report this decision as a mistake, so that I can have my edit reinstated.
  • As an administrator, I want to review reported mistakes with Automoderator, so that I can reinstate good faith users' edits and let them know about this action.

Many of the features we want to leverage for a false positive page - flexible reporting, tracking of incoming reports, notifications for new reports, and threaded discussion about a report - are ones we can get for free by implementing this process as an on-wiki page. We can then use the various affordances Discussion Tools provides (e.g. replying, discussion titles, new topic form, subscriptions). This will mean, on our pilot, that we simply need to create this page manually. We may investigate more automated methods in the future, or we might simply have creating this page as one of the manual steps required of a wiki to set up Automoderator.

Ideally we should keep the design as simple as possible - this will be implemented directly into an on-wiki page, so the less HTML, styling, and templating we need to add the better.

Edit Check is another actively developed WMF tool which has a false positive page. We might want our page to resemble or feel familiar as compared to that one.

Other false positive pages

Possible key design tasks

  • User research to identify needs and pain points
  • Talk to Editing team about their decisions around the false positive reporting flow
  • Write user stories for false positive reporting
  • Explore entry points
  • User journey map
  • User flow diagramming
  • Sketches / wire-framing
  • Prototyping and testing

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We are going to use a discussion page for reporting, at least for the pilot. We are currently planning to hard code the link to that page in AutoModerator revert edit summaries

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