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Enable Automoderator translation on
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Once we have some localisable strings, we need to set the project up on

  • Once the extension is deployed on a Wikimedia testing wiki, it should be added to the "Extensions used by Wikimedia - Upcoming" group.
  • Once the extension is deployed on any Wikimedia production wiki, it should be added to one of the other "Extensions used by Wikimedia - *" groups: "Main" for extensions that are used on all wikis, or are otherwise very prominent; "Advanced" for extensions for power users or extensions that work only on some wikis; and so on. API message files and extensions that are only for highly technical people must be in the "Technical" group.

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I don't think this needs to be in place for our pilot. The only strings will be the username (hardcoded for now) and edit summary (locally configurable).

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