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comment box in Option 1 needs a label or hint
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Author: weskaggs

With reference to, I have been doing Phase 1.0 testing. In Option 1, the comment box does not come with any sort of instructions or hint, and this gives an immediate sense of wrongness. (Options 2 and 3 do come with hints.) I am filing this bug report at the request of Oliver Keyes.

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Thanks, Bill!

I cannot reproduce this bug on IE7, but we are experiencing another bug 32937 for Option 1 on IE7, which may be related to yours.

On my IE7 machine, the text prompt is displayed ("What's missing? Any suggestions for improvement?"), but I can't make it go away.

Clearly, something is weird in the way that text prompt is being displayed, compared to the other feedback forms, whose text prompts work on IE7.

Also, be sure to assign the keyword aftv5-1.0 to any critical bugs you file about this phase 1.0 release of AFTv5, so we can track it under that keyword (I just did that on my end).

weskaggs wrote:

I should have mentioned that I'm using Firefox 8.0.

Thanks, Bill.

If you were testing on FF8 rather than IE7, then I think this ticket is a feature request, not a bug.

We intentionally do not show any text prompt on Option 1, because you get a different prompt if you click on 'Yes' or 'No' -- we didn't want to confuse the user by adding a third generic prompt, which would get replaced when they clicked 'Yes' or 'No'.

So I am moving this feature request to phase 1.5, since it's not a bug, but may be worth revisiting in the next phase of development.

weskaggs wrote:

I don't want to fight you, but I still think this is a bug. Suppose the reader wants to make a suggestion that doesn't have anything to do with finding what the reader was looking for, and simply starts typing in the box -- what happens is that the text the reader types appears half-shaded. That can't possibly be the right thing to do. If nothing else, there should be a hint saying "Please start by pressing Yes or No". (I filed this bug report because the initial appearance of the form gave me an immediate sense of wrongness.)

Thanks, Bill.

Could you please attach a screenshot of the problem you are experiencing on your end? What OS are you using?

I cannot reproduce the half-shading of the text when I type into the comment box without clicking yes or no.

On my Firefox 8 for Mac, I get black lettering when I type into that box, which is fine.

FYI, there are many sites which do not include grayed-out instructions in their comments box. So unless there is a problem with your text being grayed out, I do not view this as a bug, it's a design decision on the part of the developers.

Either way, we will keep tracking it. And if your screenshot demonstrates a grayed out of your comment, I will move it back in as a bug for 1.0.