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Wikipedia Subscriptions (hypothesis testing)
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Linked to the Future Audiences bucket, we are testing the hypothesis: KR 2.1: Test a hypothesis aimed at reaching global youth audiences where they are on leading third party content platforms, to increase their awareness and engagement with Wikimedia projects as consumers and as contributors

Hypothesis: If we offered a wikipedia subscription service through a chat-based platforms (Whatsapp, Telegram etc), that sends daily reading recommendations in the form of articles/ summaries to younger readers, we would be able to test whether this type of experience with Wikipedia content would increase engagement. Reading recommendations would be sent directly to a group of readers to gauge their preferences by topic, platform, time of delivery, content formats etc. The impact of this test would be measured by how readers interact with the service from the number of opt-ins, recommendation preferences, CTR and subsequent page views.

Why a Wikipedia Subscription?
We see opportunities where our content is surfaced much closer to future audiences (where they are):

  • Relevant/Interesting/Useful encyclopaedic content delivered to their inbox/ mailbox at specific moments of consumption.
  • Presented in ways that match existing patterns & experiences.

Goal of the experiment:

  • To test whether a daily reading recommendation service delivered through available chat/messaging platforms is a viable strategy for engaging future audiences.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Understand how do readers perceive this type of content delivery.
  2. Determine how would readers actually engage with content recommendations:

a) If our content recommendation engine recommends articles that closely match their reading preferences.
b) If certain reading patterns emerge from this form of delivery i.e. moments of consumption.

This epic covers all the efforts around:

  • Validating the hypothesis by developing a working prototype that would be used to test the concept and get actionable feedback.
  • Synthesised feedback and learnings that are shared with the rest of the Movement towards committed work under Future Audiences bucket 2023/24.

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