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Android back button troubles (history vs bookmarks?)
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There are some oddities with bookmarks & history possibly interfering with the back button behavior.

Version: 1.0.0 (Android)
Severity: critical



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brion created this task.Dec 12 2011, 7:43 PM

Can you explain/expand a bit more?

philinje wrote:

If I saved a page, then hit back, the prior page would appear in skeleton form - apparently without CSS or images. The app was frozen at that point and it was hard to do anything other than search - menu and back stopped working, not sure if home was broken. Possibly home would work and the app could be re-open in the same frozen state.

I'm seeing the same thing happen when I load the app. Hit the back button (which goes back to the home screen). Then i tap the icon for the app and see just the search input box and nothing else. The menu key doesn't work and the only thing i can do is search.

brion added a comment.Dec 16 2011, 6:26 PM

This should be fixed in current builds.

Skeleton form was from using plain window.history.go(-1) with the way we cached pages; just wasn't safe.

Blank-page-and-no-menu was from engaging the cached webview mode too early, causing things to not get initialized properly in PhoneGap.