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Design Research: Edit Check
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Edit check#Evaluating impact describes a range of ways (quantitative an qualitative) we'll evaluate the impact and assess the viability of Edit Check.

This task involves the design research involved with the qualitative assessment: learning how people experience Edit Check and notice it impacting how they edit, moderate edits, and think about both activities in the future.


The Editing team is interested in collecting strategic insights on the viability of the Edit Check concept at scale and its potential future extensibility for various stakeholders across the Foundation, not to mention the volunteer communities. The WMF Design Research team is preparing to support this effort by conducting a series of user and community interviews in English and French.

Research objectives


  • Explore EC usability, including ease of use and interpretability, participant reactions to the concepts involved, etc.;
  • Better understand the functioning and reception of the Edit Check prototype when tested with current Wikipedia editors;
  • Identify EC features that need to be changed or modified from the perspective of New Editors;
  • Identify potential new use cases and contexts, and opportunities for extensibility.


  • Gauge community reaction to EC, primarily through conversations with more experienced editors;
  • Better understand the concerns of internal WMF stakeholders;
  • Better understand the concerns and needs of community members such as patrollers and admins who will be affected by any changes to the nature of new-editor edits as well as be in a position to configure edit check to align with project policies.


The WMF Design Research team will be conducting interviews with (a) beginning/inexperienced editors and (b) established community members/experienced editors in both English and French. Lasting for approximately 45 minutes, these interviews will focus on the user experience associated with Edit Check, as well as the implications of this tool from the perspectives of both groups.

In these sessions, the interviewer will ask new editors to guide them to an article or topic that they have edited previously or are interested in editing, and the interviewer will then guide the participant through an edit that triggers Edit Check. These edits will not be published. From there, the interview will branch out to explore the underlying concepts and their relationship to the participants' experiences.

November 15 update

Two exploratory interviews have been conducted with inexperienced (1) and moderately experienced (2) editors. The current interview script has been updated on the basis of these interviews. These preliminary conversations support the observation that Edit Check feels "natural" within the current Visual Editor experience, however we are awaiting the completion and analysis of a larger number of English and French interviews before making any definitive observations or recommendations.

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Also see Notes - editing team—design research needs for next year.


Due Date
Feb 16 2024, 10:00 PM

Event Timeline

[Note for the Research team]

This is a carryover project from the Q2 objectives.

What was achieved:

Usability Tests in French and English Wikipedias

What's left to do:

Analysis and Synthesis

Mike will be out most of next week, so no big progress is expected until the first week of February.

[Note for the research team]

Information analysis in both Wikipedias (French and English) is ongoing.
The team is writing findings and building the final deck.

The project has been closed and finished on our side.

A survey for feedback will be sent.