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Webfonts radio buttons dont work in IE 7.0
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Author: sodabottle

In Hindi Wikipedia, I am not able to use the radio buttons and change the fonts in the webfonts dropdown list. This happens in all pages - both logged in and logged out.

OS: Win XP SP2
Browser : IE 7.0

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal
OS: Windows XP



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There is a local script that is taking control of everything. That should be fixed in common.js or somewhere similar... Please take it up with the local community. I've added a local admin in CC.

sodabottle wrote:

Not a site/language specific issue. The Same thing happens with Kannada, Gujarati, Bengali and Telugu wikipedias. And the non wikipedia projects too. Please assign this back to webfonts

mayurdce wrote:

Yes some editors are facing some problems yet it is not clear to me but probable solution will be not to make such new font system as default.

Is there a url ? a screenshot ?
Siebrand seems to have some more info, but it is not available in this report for any outsiders.

Btw. congratulations siebrand. lang zal hij leven :D

Updated URL, Bala has a video capture for this. Expect in some ~16 hours

Reply to comment 2:
After some additional testing, I agree that something needs fixing for IE7. As does not have a custom input method solution, my hypothesis was invalidated.

Reply to comment 4: (thanks, Derk-Jan):

Here's the scenario we found for it:

Menu to disable webfonts or change a font does not work for Siebrand on (anonymous). See this in other wikis, too. I can click directly on the radio buttons, but only a "blip", no selection. Nothing happens if I click the font name. Browser: IE7 on Windows XP. Can screen share if needed.

Local JavaScript error details (error details translated from Dutch to English):

  1. Line: 646, Char: 5, Error: Id, expected string or number, Code: 0, URL: <see above>
  2. Line: 9, Char: 520, Error: Could not complete operation due to error 80020101, URL: <see above>

Unfortunately I do not know how IE7 can provide more detailed information.

sodabottle wrote:

"I can click directly on the radio buttons, but only a "blip", no selection. Nothing happens if I click the font name. Browser: IE7 on Windows XP. Can screen share if needed."

Same usecase for me. I made a screen capture. Here is a low quality version of it in youtube - (apologies for the low quality: didnt upload the original 70 mb avi file and with my internet connection is adsl and will take a couple of hours to upload it)

var config = [] in setup(), which is an array, but then you for-in loop over that array in buildmenuitems(), which should not be done.

objects -> for in
arrays -> for( int i; i<length; i++) etc.

That might be it. Otherwise the most common reason for an error like this is a comma at the end of an object definition.

So var = {
something: {
somethingelse: {
}, <----

mayurdce wrote:

One more problem arised is Twinkle has stopped working both in hindi as well as sanskrit wikipedia. So either this new font script is cutting TW script.

Fixed in r106175 and deployed yesterday.