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Samyak font overlap in Sa and Hi wikis - Chrome + Windows XP/7
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Author: sodabottle


In sa and hi Wikis, the words in Samyak Devanagari font overlap each other. Attaching screenshot.

(OS: XP SP2, Browser: Chrome, 16.0.912.63)

Version: unspecified
Severity: minor
OS: Windows XP


samyak_overlap_-_hi_chrome_XP.JPG (600×1 px, 96 KB)


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repos/abstract-wiki/wikifunctions/function-evaluator!97apine-use-wasmagesmainapineUse new WASM base images to build WASM evaluators.
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sodabottle wrote:

Same issue exists in MR Wiki

Thanks for testing and reporting. You've marked one issue, but I indeed see many more in the screenshot.

Confirmed on:

  • Windows XP/Google Chrome 15.0.874.121 m
  • Windows XP/Google Chrome 16.0.912.63 m).
  • Windows 7/Google Chrome 16.0.912.63

Cannot reproduce on:

  • Mac OS X 10.7.2/Google Chrome 16.0.912.63

I think the spacing in the font is really odd in every browser I have tried it in -- really wide gaps between words.

Preliminary conclusion: rendering of this font is broken in the Windows render engine (or is it "Webkit on Windows" -- I'm not sure).

There's also Samyak Gujarati (active as non-default on Gujarati projects). It seems to have the same issue in the mentioned OS/browser combinations. Page used for testing:

I guess we should probably disable Samyak Devanagari and Samyak Gujarai (non default fonts in any current implementation[1]) and report this issue to the maintainer. We going to discuss this at 08:00 UTC in our Localisation team daily meeting.

[1] Or consider adding beta tags in WebFonts as in Narayam for key mappings, so we can continue testing these fonts in some places at least -- might also be a possible target.

Was about to suggest Beta tags in WebFonts. +1 for it.

Samyak was removed the font options r106179. The font can be still used by specifying a span with fontfamily style value as Samyak Devanagari.

The issue is reported in Upstream.

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Upstream ticket seems to be (and not much happening).

This issue has been uncommented on by upstream since January 2012.

Marking bug as invalid since ULS does not have this font in the repository. While moving fonts from Webfonts extension we had dropped this font.