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Spam blacklist, if match, check previous version and accept if URL present there
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The spam blacklist is helpful but suffers a bit from lack of whitelisting, since
it's ofetn useful to block a whole domain. That in turn can affect innocent
subdomains which have already been used in articles.

A flag to turn on acceptance of even matching URLs if they are present in the
version of the article being replaced would be helpful, to reduce inconvenience
for existing articles. That is, effectively an automatic whitelist for a URL
already in the article. Most blacklist complaints would be elimiinated by this

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement


TitleReferenceAuthorSource BranchDest Branch
Allow import of empty properties arrayrepos/mediawiki/services/ipoid!207stranmain-I9969b8dcf2f82a222862bbfef1faa92a56fdf1bamain
initial debian packagingrepos/sre/python-verlib2!1herronpackaging-wikimediamain
output-sql.test.js: Make sure DATADIR existsrepos/mediawiki/services/ipoid!191kharlanmain-Ide58bf8157d9ee012a53f655ca3cd5a23c76896cmain
Remove TMPDIRrepos/mediawiki/services/ipoid!190kharlanmain-Icb8981bbdae066f65ffa9b57f10ae5d4b46e5322main
Introduce DATADIR variablerepos/mediawiki/services/ipoid!184kharlanmain-Ie27607f8aa6d67aa23d0d4eb6bb8245e744c9d32main
Customize query in GitLab

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The problem with this is that the blacklist is a hard
blacklist; it can't be overridden on a case-by-case basis. So
then you still end up being unable to move text from page to
page, and unable to revert vandalism, on certain pages.

robchur wrote:

The explicit whitelist should be sufficient for this.

robchur wrote:

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