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Community Configuration: Monitoring & Contingency plan
Open, Needs TriagePublic


User story & summary:

As an Admin, I want to make changes to Community Configuration without worrying that I could accidentally break functionality, because I want to make config changes with confidence.

As an Engineer or Product team, I want to make a feature Community Configurable, without concern that a community member could break the feature.

Background & research:

This task is important because accidents happen. As usage of Community Configuration increases beyond the Growth team, the risk of breaking changes increases, as does the potential severity of the breakage.

In the Growth Team's premortem, we decided we should set aside time to plan for robust monitoring. We should also have a contingency plan in place for a scenario in which the Community Configuration extension experiences major issues or configuration files aren't able to load properly.

Acceptance Criteria:
  • Decide on a monitoring approach (how are alerts escalated if there is a major failure, and how can we ensure we are also monitoring less catastrophic issues).
  • Share initial plan with technical stakeholders for feedback
  • Document a contingency plan for "unbreak now" / major issues
  • Document a monitoring / contingency plan for high priority issues
  • Create subtasks for any follow-up work needed