VisualEditor multilingual input / i18n issues (tracking)
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T4007: Tracking bug (tracking)
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T64028: VisualEditor: Cursor skips by one character for Thai characters (expected skipping by one block)
T62187: VisualEditor: Provide a language inspector to handle <div lang='xx' dir='yyy'> blocks and similar
T53477: VisualEditor: Typing in Devanagari puts vowels in unexpected places
T53472: VisualEditor: Backspace deletes combined character clusters together with diacritics
T53356: Add ULS language setting dialogue box in VisualEditor page settings
T53355: Feature request for VisualEditor language setting +ULS +Wikidata interwikis
T68339: VisualEditor: In WebKit, moving the cursor (caret) with the arrow keys breaks connected Arabic letters
T68338: VisualEditor: Footnote number is not localized while editing
T51569: Make ULS input methods work in content editable divs of VisualEditor
T54726: VisualEditor: Typing problem in Assamese
T54716: VisualEditor: cursor places itself after the first character when inserting a group of Japanese characters
T56424: VisualEditor: Automatic Incorrect caret movement with ULS
T56421: VisualEditor: Text duplication when using jquery.IME on existing pages
T49759: VisualEditor: Provide a language inspector to handle inline <span lang='xx' dir='yyy'>s
T49718: VisualEditor: using non-ASCII characters in the VisualEditor edit summary insertion can make the remaining character count negative
T51257: VisualEditor: Provide full grapheme cluster boundary detection
T56334: VisualEditor: "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'getOffset' of null" triggered using jquery.IME
T56331: VisualEditor: "Uncaught Error: offset 804 is out of bounds" triggered using jquery.IME
T52631: VisualEditor: CE eats up syllables except a last syllable of a word in Korean IME
T46085: VisualEditor: treats non-lower-ASCII word characters as boundaries
T49436: Make the Sogou Input IME work
T52529: IME selector appears when the VisualEditor headings style selector is clicked
T56057: Cursor error typing into end of paragraph with Ibus Malayalam Swanalekha
T52370: TemplateData: HTML rendering of control keywords (empty, optional, ...) isn't translatable
T52346: VE does not support typing in Kannada
T55788: VisualEditor: Marathi/Devanagari: Save button does not get enabled for same or lesser length change
T50630: VisualEditor: Data model needs characters, not code points
T55758: Visualditor: Marathi/Devanagari: edit change not reflecting in edit preview
T55757: VisualEditor: Marathi/Devanagari: Backpace deletes text on right side
T55754: VisualEditor: Implement script-specific cursoring for Devanagari if native cursoring is insufficient
T52167: VisualEditor: Support unicode equivalence for client side text searches
T55717: VisualEditor: jquery.IME doesn't work in VisualEditor's iframes (template, reference, reference list, media, and page settings dialogs, and language, maths, code and link inspectors)
T55711: VisualEditor: Cursor cannot move through text created with jquery.IME when editing bulleted text
T55708: VisualEditor: Incorrect and irremovable text placement with IMEs
T55706: VisualEditor: Incorrect text selection with jquery.IME
T55705: VisualEditor: Content disappears when using jquery.IME
T55700: VisualEditor: When using jquery.IME, type a word and press space bar = eliminates typed text immediately
T55701: VisualEditor: Marathi/Devanagari: After typing first character cursor moves in wrong direction when using jquery.IME
T47240: VisualEditor: IME input into an empty slug causes characters to overwrite one another
T52105: VisualEditor: IME shift+ function for adding diacritical marks in Arabic broken
T55679: VisualEditor: Selection-expansion doesn't trigger for Thai script text
T53847: VisualEditor: Recursive word addition with Google Input Tools in reference tool on Firefox
T53846: Cursor not moving past "ग्र" and other multiple code-unit grapheme clusters on left arrow key press
T35128: Ctrl+left/right arrow doesn't work correctly with non-Latin scripts
T35127: Double-clicking a word selects several non-Latin words
T35126: VisualEditor: Support for right-to-left (rtl) / bidirectional content (tracking)
T35076: VisualEditor does not allow to type with (at least some) input methods
T35070: Visual editor doesn't allow typing accented characters in Android browser
T43109: VisualEditor: Complex script (Indic) compatibility
T43009: VisualEditor: Add support for adding dir/lang attributes to paragraphs and similar elements (div, p, lists etc.)
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Still an issue. :-)

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Mass-moving items into VisualEditor product

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Mass-move out of "General" to "ContentEditable".

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