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Community CRM instance on WM Cloud can't load contacts due to a database error
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Hi, when loading a contact page on the Community CRM you get this error:

image.png (115×1 px, 23 KB)

I am quite certain this is caused by me importing a list of OptionValue to the wrong destination. I was following instructions by Eileen to import a list of all languages used in Wiki projects, I didn't succeed but the CRM informed that the import had been "successful". I thought the data wasn't imported but it seems that it was imported indeed, in the wrong places.

If it is possible to see changes in the database (these imports) in past hours and revert them, great.

The error message mention activity types and, indeed, there is at least one visible problem where one of the activity types shows a "zu - Zulu" label. This is one of the options imported as part of the list of languages.

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Here is a tsv dump of the OptionValue table from a fresh local install, in case that helps. These values are from the latest version (5.67, released Nov 1) so may include a few extra options from the version installed previously.

The cloud/prototype instance has a daily database dump running, and I was able to restore the table drupal.civicrm_option_value from backup.

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