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Contact Source no longer working in Civi
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Hi team, this isn’t urgent but the contact source search field in Civi, which our team uses for CID searches, isn’t working. We have an alternative which is pasting the CID in the actual Civi search bar but I'm flagging it so it is on your radar. Thanks in advance!

Screenshot 2023-11-09 at 10.27.28 AM.png (442×2 px, 82 KB)

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Wow, I'm only now learning that you could search CID in the 'Contact Source' box. Since it's so unintuitive, perhaps it was removed on purpose? Would the menubar search work for the future, or do CID searches from this screen have some workflow advantages?

If I know the CID I generally just go to my browser's location bar and type 'cid=' to make it pull up a previous URL like
Then I just replace the value with the one I want to see.

@Ejegg Thanks for sharing the alternative. Based on the agent’s feedback, pasting the CID into the empty field seems more foolproof, especially given our current workload. While it's not urgent, since we've defaulted to using the browser search field, if there's a chance to bring it back or establish an alternative, we greatly appreciate it :)

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@SHust moving to near future, but would love to talk sooner in a Fortnightly call about potential for other search tools, as well as exploring why this went away.

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