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iOS 7.4.5 Pre-release testing
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Wikipedia 7.4.5 build 2871
Due date: 11/17/2023 (for submission to App Store)


  • app start time
  • content load time

Engineering details on how to perform these measurements are located here (WIP).


  • translations pulled in from TWN
  • smoke test in non-Latin language


  • smoke test
  • beta test
  • tablet display
  • VoiceOver

Event Timeline

@ABorbaWMF 7.4.5 (2871) is available to test for internal App Store Connect users, currently waiting for review for release to our external beta testers.

@ABorbaWMF The build is now available for all testers: the internal App Store Connect users and our external beta tester group.

JTannerWMF claimed this task.