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prop=revisions allows deleted text to be exposed through cache pollution
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Patch that fixes the issue

If a privileged user diffs a hidden revision against another revision (hidden or not; or maybe even against emptiness), that diff maybe cached in Squid if an &smaxage parameter is passed, and subsequently served to non-privileged users.

I've attached a patch that fixes this by never exposing hidden content (the rest of the module does this too). I'm filing this in BZ because I'm unsure whether this warrants a security release or a hidden deployment or whatever.

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Slightly modified patch

Reproduced and tested. Maybe it would be better to deny access to deleted revisions, rather than allowing access to deleted revisions and denying everything else ;)


Roan, please review my patch and then if it's OK, reassign the bug to Sam Reed for release with 1.18.1.

(In reply to comment #3)

Pinging Roan...

Whoops, I'm sorry. I should fix my BZ settings so I actually get bugmail for hidden bugs.

Patch is OK. Thanks for catching that embarrassing mistake :)

trunk in r108682
1.18wmf1 in r108683

REL1_17 in r108686
REL1_18 in r108687