sort order for inline queries is case sensitive


Author: M8R-1omeu9

It would be really nice if one could have as a default (or specify) that |sort=someProperty sorts results in case insensitive order.

This clears up any confusion when there are many results and GIMP comes before Gdb, and CPPI comes before Clisp, for example.

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OS: Linux
Platform: PC

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SMW will respect the sort key that is set in MediaWiki, so it is possible to manually defined a lower-case sort key as a workaround.

In general, the sort mode depends on the setting in the database and cannot easily be changed from query to query based on parameters. It might be possible for you to manually change the collation setting of the database table (for SMW sortkeys, the respective table is smw_ids, column smw_sortkey) so that it is not case sensitive.

How about MediaWiki's sorting behaviour on Category pages? Ideally, SMW should behave in the same way.

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