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Community CRM - Make full list of languages available to custom fields
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The community CRM team attempted to add the full list of languages to their languages custom block via

In attempting to do this as per instructions from FR-Tech, a fatal database error occurred and the instance needed to be rebuilt.

We still need to enable this languages list relatively urgently on the current instance. Please review the full thread at

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@Eileenmcnaughton could you please have a look next week and help us determine the steps to address? cc: @Dwisehaupt

@Qgil When looking at the related civi issue ( it appears we may be able to do this using sql directly. Do you have/know the id of the custom field as Eileen stated in that issue?

@Dwisehaupt According to the information in the Custom Fields UI, the custom field is ID 32, part of the custom field set ID 10.

@Qgil I worked with Eileen and we have done a few commands with the db on the backend to add these in. You should now see the languages available to select. You can see the mapping of the ids, labels, names, and option values by using the following searchkit:

The option value is the main key that is used within civi. As such, you will see certain entries (EN, ES, FR, DE, PT) that are mapped to a primary language for the name when additional variants may exist.

If you need to add additional languages, you can do so using: Administer->Customize Data and Screen->Custom Data->Languages ISO->View and Edit->Languages->Edit->View / Edit Multiple Choice Options

Let me know if this has what you need.

From the admin web interface I can see a custom field including 184 languages, with the language name as label and the 2-letter ISO code as value.

This is all what we need, indeed! And thank you for your explanation about how to search for these languages.

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