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Disable Differential related Herald rules
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This task is mostly a heads-up and for documentation.

We plan to switch off the code review tool in Phabricator called Differential soon (note that this is not Diffusion for repository browsing) in order to reduce the number of common code review places from 4 to 3 (GitLab, Gerrit, some stuff on Github). lists three active Herald rules related to Differential, to be disabled/archived:

I am going to disable all these three rules. However, two rules are "Personal" rules, so I'd have to use my administrator rights to "break in" basically, as Personal rules by default can only be edited by their respective authors.

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Aklapper triaged this task as Medium priority.Sat, Nov 18, 11:00 AM
Aklapper created this task.
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aklapper@phab1004:~$ sudo /srv/phab/phabricator/bin/herald rule --disable --rule 101
Applying changes to H101...
aklapper@phab1004:~$ sudo /srv/phab/phabricator/bin/herald rule --disable --rule 224
Applying changes to H224...