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Consider archiving Gerrit repository "labs/tools/multichill" (20140806)
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The Wikimedia Release-Engineering-Team is in the process of cleaning up inactive Gerrit repositories.

If the repository labs/tools/multichill.git is still in use, please leave a short comment in this task and set the task status to Invalid.
Otherwise the Gerrit repository may get archived in the future.

If the repository is not in use anymore, you are also welcome to leave a short comment to confirm.

According to
the last commit to the master branch of this repository was on:
20140806 (YYYYMMDD).

The five most active code authors have been (number of commits, author):

307 multichill@...
  2 maarten@...
  • multichill matches the Phabricator account(s) @Multichill
  • maarten matches the Phabricator account(s) @Multichill

We apologize if you got subscribed to this task though you are not an active contributor to this codebase anymore, or if you are a former staff member whose Phabricator account was used in staff capacity and is still activated - unfortunately there is no good way to find out.

Section below is only relevant if repository is to be archived:

To-do list