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geoshape service does not redender particular shape
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Description should render 14 shapes (regions of the Czech Republic). However, only 13 shapes are rendered. The one for the Central Bohemian region is missing.

The used SPARQL query does return 14 entries, and the shape can be rendered alone on Commons. There is a similar template rendering 77 (different) shapes without a problem.

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That's another case of T312938: Multiple overlapping OSM area relations with the same QID are imported as a single polygon with unwanted hole(s).

Both examples use "service": "geoshape", meaning the data source is OSM not Commons, and in OSM two coextensive relations currently correspond to Central Bohemian Region (Q188399), i.e. relation/435515 and relation/442397. The geoshape for Q188399 is visible if you display it alone but only as an outline because due to aforementioned bug a single polygon is built from two relations, so that one relation sort of clears out the area of another relation.