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Review Content Integrity Grand Vision Documentation
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Enterprise Objective 5

As a the product manager for Content Integrity I am eager to get engineering eyes on my product area's grand vision. I want to move forward, of course as quickly as possible, with my planned features but I need a in-depth review from our engineering team as far as feasibility to help develop the timeline and my priorities and focus for the medium-term future.

Acceptance Criteria

  • Create a rough estimate of long-term effort
  • T-shirt size for every item

To Do

  • Check in with Francisco
  • Review content integrity vision documentation board with specific attention to marked priorities.
    • Please mark notes, questions etc on the board itself
    • Estimates should be in terms of time to completion in production standard, + deploy
  • Discuss results in meeting with Francisco
    • Extra documentation is welcome but not necessary
  • Francisco to finalize doc + roadmap with estimates


We can time-box this as an investigation if it's helpful.

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