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Android app: consider merging bookmarks, history, search screens
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Quickie mockup: bar with search/bookmarks/history options above the results area

To save on menu items and make navigation easy...

I've found the "AwesomeScreen" on the new native builds of Firefox for Android works very nice; it integrates bookmark & history options into the first page of the search screen, so all your "go somewhere" navigations start through the same place.

Attaching a quicky mockup and a screenie of Firefox.

Version: 1.0.0 (Android)
Severity: enhancement


mockup-screen.png (800×480 px, 57 KB)



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Screenshot of Firefox 11 nightly build AwesomeScreen


device-2011-12-15-115416.png (800×480 px, 65 KB)

Note that in Firefox, once you start searching the toolbar line goes away to make room for more results.

This is not planned for in current UI plans.