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[MSMF] Use composition API in each of the Vue Pages
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While migrating to Vue3, the team has decided to convert all the various components in Mismatch FInder from the options API to composition API (As is recommended for full size web applications), due to the current state of mizing and matching between the two. Ensuring all the application uses the same API and syntax will help with readability (analyzability) and reduce context switching.

Acceptance Criteria

The following components are converted from Options to Composition API:

  • Error.vue
  • Home.vue
  • Layout.vue
  • Results.vue

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Prio Notes:

Impact AreaAffected
production / end usersno
development effortsyes
onboarding effortsyes
additional stakeholdersno
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Task Breakdown Notes:

  • We create individual tasks for each of the files as we approach them.