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failure on uploading "dictionnaire-universel-des-contemporains-...-vapereau-gustave-bpt-6k-299202d"
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I think it's just that the item has 1637 pages, and it can't handle it. Does the PDF at IA suffice, or do you specifically want a DjVu?

Thanks @Samwilson :)
I should have guessed... I didn't notice the file was so long...

Yeah, we should probably make the tool fail more gracefully in this situation! Sorry for the failure.

The error is a bit strange though. It's

Command not found: "djvm -c "/ia-upload/jobqueue/dictionnaire…

which I assumed was because that command it too long. It's 315 024 characters, and ARG_MAX is 2 097 152 so that's not the problem.

I'll keep digging and see what else might be happening here.