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Invite Senior Contributors to share input about the multi-check experiences
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This task involves the work with inviting Senior Contributors to review the multi-check user experience the Editing Team is proposing to introduce by way of T347530.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn how – if at all – Senior Contributors anticipate the proposed desktop+mobile UX flows interfering with how they have come to expect to contribute to Wikipedia
  2. Learn in what – if any – ways Senior Contributors think the proposed desktop+mobile UX flows could be adjusted/augmented to increase the ease and efficacy with which they can review edits
  3. Learn which parts – if any – of the multi-check experience Senior Contributors would value being able to configure on a per-project basis

Decisions to be made

  • What – if any – aspects of the current approach need to be revised or otherwise reconsidered before the Editing Team invests further time into advancing what we've currently drafted?


  • Steps forward for all "Decision(s) to be made" are documented
  • If relevant, tickets filed to scope and track the work involved with moving forward