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Reference previews broken for references with % in the name
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While playing around with the examples listed in T298278#7593975 we realized that some of them work as expected in the browser (i.e. clicking the links works both ways, and the target is properly highlighted in blue), but the Reference Previews popups all fail with "there was a problem".

This might or might not be related to the changes made as part of T340256 or the subticket (?) T341899. The issue is probably much older. Still marking as a Regression for visibility.

This sub-issue will most likely resolve itself the moment we properly solved everything listed in T298278. As explained in T298278#9359125 we believe the issue is that the source href="#…" and the target id="…" can not use the same encoding. It's actually strange that the browser can work with some of the examples, even if they are currently not correctly encoded. For example, the first example is currently rendered as id="cite_note-nature%2520phylo-1" but should be rendered as id="cite_note-nature%20phylo-1". For some reason the browser is relaxed enough to understand both, but Reference Previews doesn't.

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Problem has been fixed with T298278
See screen recording