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Unintelligible Comment in Announcement for Latest iOS App Update (France)
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The announcement of the latest update on the IOS AppStore in France is accompanied by a comment. This text is incomprehensible.

Version: WikipediaApp/ (iPadOS 15.8; Tablet)

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Checked this with a French team mate and his answer as follows:
It is something like "Keep Wikipedia free for millions [of users] in the world with a secure donation of Apple salary".

It is related to the fact that you can make a donation to Wikipedia through the app. It is clearly automated translation as some words in French and English have several meanings.
The right sentence should be:
Keep Wikipedia free for millions of people in the world with a secure donation through Apple Pay.

"salaire" dans be translated by "salary" or "pay"

Unfortunately this appears to be a byproduct of Google Translate. For non-English release notes, we use Google Translate. Specifically in this situation, Google Sheet's Google Translate feature (aka =GOOGLETRANSLATE(X,Y,Z)) was used. Oddly, it appears for the original English string, Google Sheet's translation and Google Translate's ( translations are different. Originally as a layer of extra checks, I had ran translated strings that seemed odd back into English through Google Translate, but I suppose I missed this (and as a result, the French Canada region translation).

Ideally of course, our release notes should be translated and confirmed by native speakers. But if we're looking to implement a new process for these release note translations, I'd anticipate we'd need a process that provides us translations as rapidly as Google Translate does (the time it would take via TranslateWiki I don't believe would necessarily meet our needs).

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Tell them we are sorry and will be more diligent around translations moving forward.