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QA Wiki Highlights Instrumentation
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Inuka team deployed the instrumentation to track user activities for Wiki Highlights experiment (T348613).The instrumentation spec has been defined in this document.

Instrumentation note

The related events will be stored in inuka_wiki_highlights_experiment schema.

QA summary

QA summary of test data by 2023-11-30

What has been checkedStatusNote
event_type✅ pass2 types of events: pageLoaded and pageUnloaded are captured. In each session, there are more or equal numbers of pageLoaded than pageUnloaded events.
experiment_group✅ pass2 types of experiment groups are captured. There's no session assigned to both groups.
session_id✅ passCaptured.
page_bottom_was_visible✅ passCaptured. Applied only to pageUnloaded events.
time_length_ms✅ passTime length captured. Applied only to pageUnloaded events.
page_name✅ passPage names are captured. Each pageUnloaded event has corresponded pageloaded event with the same page name within the same session.
geocoded_data✅ passCaptured.

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QA summary of test data by 2023-11-30 updated in the description.

The QA notebook can be found in here

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