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Impact Module: increase data cap
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User story & summary:

As a productive editor, I want the impact module to remain relevant to me, because it's fun and motivating to see my metrics.

Background & research:

This task is important because we have received several comments from newer editors and more experienced editors who have noticed the 1,000 edit cap on some of the metrics and would appreciate seeing more complete impact metrics.

Screenshot 2023-11-29 at 3.47.58 PM.png (100×100 px, 10 KB)

Screenshot 2023-11-29 at 3.48.54 PM.png (134×388 px, 34 KB)


There is agreement that a edit cap is needed, however it could likely be higher than 1,000 edits. Should we test 5,000 edits? 10,000 edits?

If you have concerns about this change being too data-intensive or decreasing homepage performance, please voice those concerns!

Acceptance Criteria:

Given I'm viewing my impact module on my Homepage or via Special:impact,
When I view the metrics on the Impact module,
Then the data is capped at 10,000 rather than 1,000.