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Impact Module: info tooltips
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As an editor viewing my impact module, I want to understand the metrics, so that the data is meaningful to me.


We've received quite a few questions about how certain data on the impact module is calculated. And some of the metrics have limits or data caps to how many prior edits are calculated.

Rather than having just two info tool tips to explain "Thanks received" and "Longest streak", we might want to consider having only one info tool tip that explains the basics, and then link out to further documentation.

Screenshot 2023-11-29 at 3.59.09 PM.png (1×490 px, 125 KB)


It has been decided that the copy on the 'Thanks received' info tooltip is going to be changed, since there was incorrect information on it. Once we have a dedicated help page specifically for the Impact Module, we are going to link that from the module for further information on data etc.

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"Wikipedia is created by a community of editors like you. You may be thanked by another contributor for an edit you’ve made, and you can thank others for their edits too. The metric will only include Thanks recevied for your most recent 1,000 Thanks."

Acceptance Criteria:

Given I want to learn more about any of the Impact module metrics,
When I can click on the module's info tooltip,
Then I can learn the basics and also link out to the associated Growth team help page about the Impact module to learn even more

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Putting this task on hold at least for Sprint 6 since I'm focusing on other tasks that are higher priority.

@KStoller-WMF and I have decided to (for now) change the copy on the 'Thanks received' info tooltip, since part of it was not accurate. A goal to continue improving this is to have a specific Help page for the Impact module that outlines all of the data, limitations, etc., that we can link from the module for users to learn more. I believe this is going to be covered in another task, so I am closing this one.

@JFernandez-WMF I've added T360483: Impact Module: update Thanks tooltip copy for the follow up work. Given that the help page already exists - - should we consider linking out to that page from the tooltip copy?