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Enable configuration of Automoderator
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This epic tracks the work to make Automoderator configurable by communities.

We will make Automoderator's configuration available to edit in on-wiki .json files. We plan to leverage GrowthExperiments-EditGrowthConfig (2.0) to build the front end for these files to make configuring the tool easy and understandable. Because of the deadlines for CC2.0, we may begin on our pilot wikis with just a .json file to edit directly, and then add a UI later.

Although we have a starting point for the list of configurable options for Automoderator, we want to hear from community members to understand what other options might be required.

T352668On/offTurn Automoderator on or offYes
T352673Caution levelSet the threshold above which Automoderator will revertYes
T352675Edit summarySet the (localisable) edit summary used when Automoderator revertsYes
T352678UsernameSet the (localisable) username used when Automoderator revertsYes
Edit war behaviourNumber of times to revert the same editor on the same page within 24 hoursNo
Global disableMeta admins should be able to globally disable AutomoderatorNo
Bot edit flagHave Automoderator use the Bot flag when making revertsNo

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Closing this out since we incorporated configuration + our MVP list of options.