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Show name of Main Page (instead of URL) in history view
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Author: swalling

Currently the History feature of the Android application shows the home page as "" or the relevant language code. It should instead show as "Main Page".

Since we would need to probably expend effort on localizing the name "Main Page", it would also be very nice if there was tooltip for the W icon that told the user that clicking leads to the Main Page.

Version: 3.2 (iOS) / 1.2 (Android)
Severity: enhancement


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Tooltip's don't really exist on touchscreen devices (and this would be a separate issue, so if further work there is needed that should be split out to a separate bug)

Getting the title right now is kinda tricky, as

  • we may not have it in the URL, since we don't get redirected to the canonical page name
  • we can't pull it from the <h1> since it's hidden

It might be possible to pull something from the <title>, but all that shows is "Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia" (and extracting from it is hard as we can't guarantee we know its structure in any language).

Actually there's nothing I can see that says that the page title is "Main Page" anywhere in

Proper fix probably looks something like this:

  • fix up MobileFrontend so it *does* do the redirects, but does them correctly
  • pull the URL *after* navigating, so we have the final name

This may or may not actually work depending on how the XHR stuff works though... blurf!

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Or show it as "[main page]" in history and let localizers translate it.

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philinje wrote:

Not sure if this is that urgent, but using a localization string called Main Page is probably the best solution. Thanks, Liangent.

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philinje wrote:

Looking at this again, I think what Brion meant is that MobileFrontend should show the full canonical URL:

in order to grab the words "Main Page" in the respective languages. This would identify the page as the main page and eliminate the need for localization.

Seems like this could be a fairly minor change in Mobile Frontend. Assigning to version 1.2.

1.2 is no longer dependent on MobileFrontend, and currently also has no way to show the Mobile main page (since the API does not provide a way to get the current MF main page). I think we'll need to make this translatable.

philinje wrote:

Should the API provide a method to get the main page (not via MF)?

assigning to 1.2 milestone

philinje wrote:

Should we remove doubles in history, which tend to happen for the main page?

@Phil: Open a new bug for 'doubles'?

Talked to brion and looks like I first need to request MediaWiki:Mainpage then use that as page title. Two requests though. has a data file included that has metadata about every language wiki, including the main page's name. Should be able to implement this once that is done.

Fixed in e638210c07d11ce52ee95eb8a1603c96c9db6087