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Search language is not in current language
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Author: philinje

After navigating in a language, the search results seem to be for English only.

Version: 1.0.0 (Android)
Severity: critical



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By 'Navigating in a language' you mean by using 'Change language' menu item?

It currently only does interlanguage links and doesn't change the language. I propose it be renamed to 'In other languages', or something similar - since it doesn't really change anything (you need to go to settings to change that)

Actually changing the language in settings works fine for me.

philinje wrote:

Yes, this is the behavior we think is right. But we want confirmation from Amir after testing some other languages.

This must the most common complaint that i heard from Hebrew speakers, although i haven't tried it myself yet.

The way it works on the regular sites makes sense to me: when you're looking at an article in Chinese, you expect that the search box will search articles in Chinese, not in English.

I'll try to find a phone to test more languages tomorrow.

philinje wrote:

So the thinking goes like this:

When on the main site, users go to the article in another language - using a tab. Then they can return to the main tab to do further searches, in the original language.

On a phone, the user can go to the article in another language but would typically do further searches in the original language.

However, if the user changes the language setting of the app or the phone, then the language version of Wikipedia should follow that.

I think what the Hebrew users were seeing is the wikipedia language not following the language of the phone or the app.

Please tell us if this logic is flawed.

philinje wrote:

Bug 32907 is the one about the Wikipedia language not changing when the phone or app language is changed. Amir has heard of Hebrew users seeing English even though their phones are set to Hebrew.