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Wikipedia Android app should have a better no search results page
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Right now we don't have any

Version: 1.0.0 (Android)
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hwalls wrote:

No search results page mockup

Are there any other continuing instructions that would be more appropriate?


And_noresults_1221.png (948×1 px, 114 KB)

First paragraph of first and second paragraph of second? :)

And we should have that as 'please search for something else', framed as a suggestion/statement than a question, no?

philinje wrote:

I like the layout on the right and agree with Yuvi about the wording. How about this:

Sorry, your search did not produce any results.

Please try again.

Fix is in master, with the following text:

Sorry, no article by that name exists.
You might have mis-spelt the title, or the article has not been created.
Please search for another term.

I've used 'no article exists' rather than 'no search results' since that's what we are doing - if you type 'hon' and hit enter, and if there is no article called 'hon', we put this page up. There might be search results available for 'Hon' (like Hons, Honey, etc) - but you go there only by clicking on them directly.

It does feel a bit awkward, so either we've to reword this or change functionality.

Closing as this has been implemented.

hwalls wrote:

The reason I chose this type of wording is that I think you have a really great opportunity to sustain and create the personality of Wikipedia/Wikimedia.

I personally don't see any reason to copy rote the way things have been done by other people/groups.