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Configure Babel extension category names for vo.wiktionary
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Please allow use of categories by the Babel extension ($wgBabelCategoryNames) on vo.wiktionary.

The category names should be as follows (Category: prefix ommited for simplicity) for vo language code:

Geban vo-0
Geban vo-1
Geban vo-2
Geban vo-3
Geban vo-4
Geban vo-5
Geban vo-N

The parent category, in case it matters, should be:
Geban vo


Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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Do these not want to have %code% instead of vo?

pt was just an example.

I.e. if user has fluency level 3 in Spanish, the category would be:

[[Klad:Geban es-3]]

It's the user language code that goes after "Geban", not the wiki language code.