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[Spike] Find features that would benefit from conditional options defaults
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The Growth-Team is currently working on adding support for conditional user defaults within T321527: Support conditional defaults for user properties. We're working on this primarily to be able to decrease the number of user_properties rows used by Echo, which unconditionally inserts several rows for every newly registered users (since 2013), accumulating millions of rows over the last decade.

Similar pattern is present in other features (primarily extensions) as well. GrowthExperiments does this at a handful of places (and T321527 lists a handful of other possible use-cases). In this spike task, we should:

  • review use-cases in T321527 and
  • review user_properties entries that are inserted for new users

and determine which features would benefit from conditional options defaults. For each of those features, let's find out what should the conditional defaults be. For example, for Echo, we found (in T353225) that the user_properties rows started to be inserted in April 2013 and as such, the user default should switch from April 2013 onwards.