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Make oojs-ui the primary source of OOUI docs
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Until the recent migration of MediaWiki Core to JSDoc, OOUI docs were served in two places:

Since OOUI is being replaced by Codex, OOUI is a lower priority for migration to JSDoc. However, since the OOUI docs are also available through oojs-ui, we can mitigate the lack of OOUI docs in core by changing links to those docs to point to the docs under oojs-ui instead.

  • Change on-wiki links to point to oojs-ui
  • Change links to OOUI types within core docs to point to oojs-ui
  • Investigate how to document classes in core that extend (are subclasses of) classes in OOUI, potentially through:
    • @inheritDoc, or
    • templates.wmf.linkMap in jsdoc.json to link to the types. For example: @extend {OO.ui.Widget} and linkMap: {'OO.ui.Widget': ''}