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Tool Request similar to WikiShootMe Tool with Audio Support
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In the Wikimania, @Yamen Nassima Chahboun and I were discussing the audio support for the WikiShootMe tool. Currently, the tool primarily focuses on displaying Wikidata items, Wikipedia articles, and Commons images on a map with coordinates. However, there is a growing need to include audio content in geographical representation.

The proposed tool should allow users to see the audio files of Commons on a map - a graphical interface.

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Points that caused confusion:

  • Lack of clarity on Wikishootme that made us believe that the tool was making API requests that fetched image data from Wikimedia Commons when in reality it was fetching all items from Wikimedia Commons. The response, hence, includes images (of various formats like jpeg, png, etc.), videos (of various formats like mp4, webm, etc.), and audio files (of formats ogg, etc.)
  • Audio files on Commons do not have location information. Hence, this failed to show up in geosearch results. This led to forming other queries like the ones mentioned in above comments. Although it returns audio files, we cannot use it for the tool as it lacks the required location information to plot it on the map.

We tested by adding location information to a chosen audio file, it showed up in geosearch results. Hence, we believe the solution will be:

  • to add structured data to audio files on Commons
  • create appropriate file filters on the wikishootme tool UI so that images, videos, and audio fetched from Commons can be shown separately instead of under one huge filter
  • add autoplay functionality to the videos and audios when they are displayed on the map marker; currently the videos only show the thumbnail

Hi @Yamen / @Nassima Chahboun, can you please share your thoughts here to clear up our confusions?

I believe that audio files can already have structured data? Example: . Perhaps it's an issue of adoption?

Yes, my sentence was rather irregularly framed, but it does look like an adoption problem. Until then, there seems to be no way to show most audio files graphically :/