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New feedback dialog. doesn't mention that the "post this bug" button goes off-wiki (T31853: bugzilla integration with Mediawiki), that a separate non-SUL(!) registration is needed there, that the registration there will publish the email address used for the registration (T31852: email address on bugzilla account registration could be disclosed accidentally) and that the bugzilla interface is English only.

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What are steps to (re)test this?

Saibo: Please provide steps to reproduce if this is still a problem. Thanks!

Unfortunately closing this report as no further information has been provided.

Saibo: Please feel free to reopen this report if you can provide the information asked for and if this still happens. Thanks!

Platonides: Oh thanks!

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Change 192749 had a related patch set uploaded (by Mooeypoo):
[wip] Refactoring mw.Feedback to work with OOUI elements

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Refactoring mw.Feedback to work with OOUI elements