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Survey Data Cleaning
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This task tracks progress on survey data cleaning for the 2023 Global Readers Demographic Survey.

Survey data collection progress tracked here:

Note also that survey content variations are tracked here: T349638

Surveys including future audiences module (info1, info2) and caste discrimination category (q16):

  • enwiki (English)

Surveys including caste discrimination category (q16):

  • hiwiki (Hindi)

Surveys excluding nonbinary gender identities (q6):

    • arwiki (Arabic)
    • idwiki (Indonesian)
  • Surveys excluding discrimination status (q15) and reason(s) for discrimination (q16):
    • fawiki (Farsi)

Surveys in languages not included in the language lists in q12a, q12b, q13:

  • elwiki (Greek)
  • hiwiki (Hindi)
  • rowiki (Romanian)
  • trwiki (Turkish) (also includes Kurdish as a language option)

Surveys that include Turkish as a language option in q12a, q12b, q13:

  • trwiki (Turkish)
  • dewiki (German)

All other surveys:

  • cswiki (Czech)
  • eswiki (Spanish)
  • frwiki (French)
  • hewiki (Hebrew)
  • itwiki (Italian)
  • jawiki (Japanese)
  • kowiki (Korean)
  • nlwiki (Dutch)
  • plwiki (Polish)
  • ptwiki (Portuguese)
  • ruwiki (Russian)
  • ukwiki (Ukrainian)
  • viwiki (Vietnamese)
  • zhwiki (Chinese)


Due Date
Mar 15 2024, 12:00 AM

Event Timeline

(Thank you for your work on this front. I'm moving this task to the Staged lane because I want to close Q2's lane. I'm doubtful that's the correct lane for it, so please move it to the right place.)

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