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Translatable pages and FlaggedRevs don't play nice together
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Putting this under FlaggedRevs, but it's really an extension interaction issues that probably requires some discussion on how to resolve it.

Translatable pages (using the Translate extension) cannot be edited, because they are aggregated from text parts that are put into a template. preventDirectEditing() in extensions/Translate/tag/PageTranslationHooks.php. Because I cannot edit the page (no one can actually), FlaggedRevs refuses to allow me to approve any revisions.

I think the expected behaviour here would be for FlaggedRevs to allow me to approve stable versions.

Something's gotta give, but what/how? :)

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Translators translate the individual pieces in Translations: namespace, see

Then the extension is hooked to SaveComplete hook, rebuilding the full translation page, copying all the edit options (except EDIT_NEW, EDIT_UPDATE) from the original edit.

*** Bug 35135 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

It was reported that still gives "Permission denied" and I can confirm that. Please advice whether this can be fixed in FlaggedRevs or in Translate extension.

The preventDirectEditing() hook is blocking all actions other than a few. I can do anything in FlaggedRevs. I tested this in eval.php.

Assuming you mean "can't". Do you suggest using whitelist or blacklist for actions?

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Assuming you mean "can't". Do you suggest using whitelist or blacklist for

Yeah I meant "can't".

Right now you have a tiny whitelist. You could just add 'review' to it. In the long term it seems like a blacklist might make more sense. It seems like the function really just wants to prevent editing and moves.

Patch has been merged. Please test once it has been deployed (probably 8.8.) and mark as verified.