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RfC: Reducing image quality for mobile
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Task to follow the progress of the RfC Reducing image quality for mobile.



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Discussed on 2014-04-16, (partially?) approved.

Minutes from

  • ''LINK:'' (sumanah, 21:03:54)
  • I asked Yuri what he wanted: 1) an ok from ops to increase thumbnail storage by 2-3% and number of files by 15%, 2) from core/tim/etc to proceed with the proposed patch <yurik> assuming my proposed path is satisfactory to everyone's involved (sumanah, 21:04:15)
  • ''LINK:'' Gerrit changeset, "Allow mobile to reduce image quality" (sumanah, 21:09:33)
  • comments were provided on the image quality gerrit patch (TimStarling, 21:42:33)
  • ''LINK:'' on wikitext addition (sumanah, 21:42:56)
  • image scaler backend relatively uncontroversial -- HTML/URL manipulation to access that API is more complex (TimStarling, 21:43:27)
  • gwicke predictably favours Node.JS service (TimStarling, 21:44:42)
  • <yurik> ok, all settled, will implement the first step (core patch), and start implementing JS magic (sumanah, 21:48:52)
  • required modifications: use string instead of integer "qlow-100px-image.jpg", make it JPG only (no png) (yurik, 21:50:31)
  • Tim skeptical about client-side JS rewrite: potential for CPU usage, flicker, image load aborts, browser incompatibilities, etc. (TimStarling, 21:54:34)
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Landed in (no task mentioned).