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build with Quibble results in complaint from git config
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Dec 31 2023, 2:05 AM
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Dec 31 2023, 7:40 PM
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Dec 31 2023, 2:05 AM


I'm trying to use Quibble to reproduce the problems found in this build. I don't have any prior experience with Quibble, so I tried creating a script to automate most of this for me. Script is attached.


The git config error from the output is:

INFO:quibble.commands:>>> Start: User commands: git config --global --add /workspace/src
INFO:quibble.commands:User commands, working directory: /workspace/src
INFO:quibble.commands:git config --global --add /workspace/src
error: could not lock config file /nonexistent/.gitconfig: No such file or directory
INFO:quibble.commands:<<< Finish: User commands: git config --global --add /workspace/src, in 0.003 s

To solve this, I mounted ${pwd}/cache to /nonexistent in docker (which the attached file reflects) in addition to the host-container mapping suggested in the Quibble documentation.

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Updated the to remove some stuff and it seemed to work. I the problem before was a command I provided (for debugging) right before $DEPENDENCIES that I forgot to remove.

git config --global --add /workspace/src

That writes to the "global" user configuration file which tries to write to $HOME/.gitconfig. However the CI images default to run as the nobody user which has its home directory set to the non existent directory /nonexistent. That is on purpose so that we can detect those kind of usages.