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Community Configuration: blank edit summary reminder
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User story & summary:

As an editor of Community Configuration, I want to receive a Reminder if I do not provide an edit summary, so that I can be given the chance to add an edit summary.

Background & research:

This task is important because Community Configuration changes can be very impactful, and editors should generally provide an explanation for why they are making a change.

Related Design task: T352924: Community Configuration: designs for a blank edit summary reminder

NOTE: there was some discussion about whether an edit summary should be required when making a Community Configuration change. However, given that blocking an edit that is missing an edit summary isn't a common UX pattern elsewhere on wiki (even for significant edits), it was decided to simply add a reminder rather than a requirement.

Dialog.png (460×518 px, 32 KB)

Figma designs

Acceptance Criteria:

Given I make a Community Configuration edit,
When I DO NOT provide an edit summary and proceed to publish the change,
Then I receive a reminder to add an edit summary.