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Update LiquidThreads to work irrespectively of site configuration
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While working on T354329, I noticed that LiquidThreads only works correctly when $wgDefaultUserOptions['lqtnotifytalk'] is set to false (or if lqtnotifytalk is hidden via $wgHiddenPrefs). Having extensions depend on specific site configuration is generally not a good idea. Implementing conditional defaults for user options (T321527) adds another assumption to the already existing ones: namely, the code would not work as expected if lqtnotifytalk gets listed in wgConditionalUserOptions.

Fixing code to take conditional defaults into account was the scope of T354329; however, considering that LiquidThreads depends on site configuration in other ways and considering it is a extension with little use, I eventually decided against fixing it. See T354329#9441740 and T354329#9444475 for details.

Filling this task so this gets tracked; however, it is possible LiquidThreads might be undeployed soon-ish (T350164).