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Reproduce legacy layout for the Record step
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The current Record step (RecordStep.vue) does not have a proper layout.

Ideally, it should reproduce the "legacy" layout :

Screenshot from 2024-03-18 09-22-47.png (561×958 px, 41 KB)

GSoC2024 > March

Hello @Pushkar7077 . I assigned this microtask to you, It's a modest mission.

Please make a simple html/css outline with border:1px solid grey; and mock content.
This is to ensure you can :

  • clone the repository
  • find your way in the project's code
  • make minor modification
  • create a PR.

Careful design not necessary yet (we are still in the project application phase).

| Studio                                       |
|  word 1 |         Message                    |
|  word 2 |------------------------------------|
|  word 3 |                                    |
|  word 4 |                                    |
|  word 5 |               WORD 1               |
|  word 6 |                                    |
|  word 7 |                                    |
|         |------------------------------------|
|         |   ******                           |

Repository access

If you do not have access to Lingualibre Gitlab, please request access to Wikimedia Gitlab :
Please also ping @hugolpz.

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Yug updated the task description. (Show Details)
Yug updated the task description. (Show Details)

@Pushkar7077 hello, I assigned you this microtask. Ok for you ?

Hi, I can complete this task, but I am unable to clone the project locally, and I get this error when I try to sign in:

image.png (423×1 px, 82 KB)

I also mailed you regarding this

Hi @Poslovitch,

I register my Oauth application using this form:

I received the consumer key, consumer secret, access key, and access secret.

I tried to use the consumer key and consumer secret in Oauth key and secret but it says invalid consumer.

Similarly, I tried the access key and access secret, but it still says invalid.

Please help me with this,


@Pushkar7077 , you may want to also join our Discord > tech-board channel.
This issue has also been raised by other applicants. Poslovitch gave some indications there despite weekday's workload.

thanks @Yug , I joined the discord server

image.png (757×1 px, 42 KB)

Hi @Yug @Poslovitch, I created a merge request to solve this issue. Above is what the record step looks like after the merge