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TeluguTransliteration not functional on Te Wiktionary
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Author: arjunaraoc

The script that works on Telugu Wikipedia

Telugu Transliteration which works on Telugu Wikipedia ( file: MediaWiki:TeTranslit.js) is not working on Telugu Wiktionary. The TeTranslit.js file on Wiktionary seems to be older could be the reason. The bureaucrat who set it up several years back is no longer active. Please fix the same. Discusion on moving to Narayam could take upto three months, hence please fix this in the interim. The Wikipedia script is attached

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bumping to highest in case someone can get to this before I get home.

There are some changes/improvements(I dont specifically see any "fixes") made on Wikipedia script, but it might be good to try updating wiktionary common.js with wikipedia one and see if that fixes.

On a side note, this script didnt work on wikipedia too on Chrome+WinXP, All the more reason to move to Narayam which is lot more stable

Telugu Transliteration script

I have created a bug report to add this transliteration scheme to Narayam. See Bug 33480

Lowering priority since Santhosh is on this on. At least he is probably best qualified to fix it.

We have added Telugu transliteration input method to Narayam(thanks to Veeven), Inscirpt is available already. Instead of using local javascript based tool, please consider using Narayam extension. If the community can test and confirm that we can deploy this , please file a bug report for that. You can use translatewiki,net for testing the input methods.

arjunaraoc wrote:

Only Inscript is visible on for Telugu. Please Check

Can you please the cache and see. I see <narayam-te&gt as text on the menu. Please translate Narayam for the transliteration scheme name. I also tried typing అమ్మ successfully with the scheme

arjunaraoc wrote:

I found it when I checked again, please change the name to తెలుగు-లిప్యంతరీకరణ.

arjunaraoc wrote:

Thx. The old script is functional. I have announced on telugu wiki village pump to try the new script (Narayam). will let you know in a month if I get some feedback

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