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Cryptic warnings inside publish.js on valid JSDoc
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While working on I tried to document like so:

 * @callback {Function} jQueryPlugins~MessageFormatterFunction
 * @param {Array<string|string[]>} replacements Optional variable replacements (variadically or an array).
 *   This is a mixed array of strings or arrays of string. Change to 
 *   when jsdoc theme has been patched.
 * @return {jQuery} Rendered HTML.

On publishing this triggers the cryptic message:
"WARNING: Unknown link (string|Array.<string>) in Namespace: jQueryPlugins"

Similarly when I run jsdoc on the following files:


I get
"WARNING: Ambiguous shortname: initTempUserBannerTooltip"

Event Timeline

This seems related to use of @ignore. and pages populating global.html so I don't think it's a problem.