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[RT] "All" and "None" buttons do not work in MediaWiki 1.18
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In ReplaceText 0.9.2, the "All" and "None" buttons do not work with MediaWiki 1.18.

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Severity: trivial



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This was already fixed in SVN a few days ago; I'm marking this as "invalid".

Since the bug is valid, but the fix is not released yet, I'm changing it to "FIXED".

Marking this back to "invalid" - as I noted, this bug had already been fixed in SVN when the bug report was created. The fact that it wasn't in an official version yet is irrelevant.

Can you explain why you want to mark this bug as invalid? This is a correct bug report. The fact that it was fixed in a version after 0.9.2 doesn't make this invalid as far as I can tell.

As I noted before, this bug was already fixed in SVN when the report was created. I don't know if you know about SVN - that's where the latest code is stored.

I know about SVN, but I haven't gotten around to familiarizing myself with it yet. I'm sure I'll have to eventually.

badon: Please do not reset resolutions to FIXED if there is no identifiable code commit. Thanks!