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Create schema doc for Places feature on iOS
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The iOS Places feature is not wired to track user engagement, we will need to add event tracking to the feature, create a new schema for tracking and enable tracking article pageviews that results from users who engage with Places feature.

This is an analytics task to :

  • Plan the data wiring for the iOS 'Places` feature
  • Create schema doc for the same
  • Update the engineering wiring task with the finished schema doc and move it to Ready for dev
  • Create validation task after Places Beta release

Event Timeline

Instrumentation Spec Doc :link

Instrumentation Planning Doc: link

Still to be determined/discussed:

  • Tracking pageviews and internal link clicks originating from Places and elsewhere in app
  • This has been resolved, we will track saves, shares and reads from Places in wiring indicated in docs. Future plans for internal link tracking will follow when needed.
  • Schema for data app_places_interaction
JTannerWMF lowered the priority of this task from Medium to Low.Feb 13 2024, 9:04 PM